Reinforced concrete beams

Precast reinforced concrete beams are mainly used for bridging openings in building structures.

Ikodor offers reinforced concrete beams of different strengths and lengths. The beams required are selected according to the gauge of the beam cross-section, the opening to be bridged, and the load on the beam.

The longest beam we produce has a total length of 4580 mm.

 Dimensions (L x H x W)UnitWithout VATWith VAT


ITS-15-1000-190-90 1580 x 190 x 90pc47.0057.34
ITS-15-1200-190-90 1780 x 190 x 90pc52.0063.44
ITS-15-1500-190-90 2080 x 190 x 90pc67.0081.74
ITS-15-1800-190-90 2380 x 190 x 90pc70.0085.40
ITS-15-2000-190-90 2580 x 190 x 90pc97.00118.34


ITS-15-1000-190-1401580 x 190 x 140pc68.0082.96
ITS-15-1500-190-1402080 x 190 x 140pc84.00102.48
ITS-15-2000-190-1402580 x 190 x 140pc117.00142.74
ITS-15-2500-190-1403080 x 190 x 140pc133.00162.26
ITS-30-1000-190-1401580 x 190 x 140pc70.0085.40
ITS-30-1500-190-1402080 x 190 x 140pc89.00108.58
ITS-30-2000-190-1402580 x 190 x 140pc130.00158.60
ITS-30-2500-190-1403080 x 190 x 140pc191.00233.02
ITS-60-1000-190-1401580 x 190 x 140pc90.00109.80
ITS-60-1500-190-1402080 x 190 x 140pc125.00152.50
ITS-60-2000-190-1402580 x 190 x 140pc202.00246.44


ITS-30-1000-190-1901580 x 190 x 190pc77.0093.94
ITS-30-1500-190-1902080 x 190 x 190pc95.00115.90
ITS-30-2000-190-1902580 x 190 x 190pc146.00178.12
ITS-30-2500-190-1903080 x 190 x 190pc199.00242.78
ITS-60-1000-190-1901580 x 190 x 190pc94.00114.68
ITS-60-1500-190-1902080 x 190 x 190pc131.00159.82
ITS-60-2000-190-1902580 x 190 x 190pc234.00285.48
ITS-30-3000-390-1903580 x 390 x 190pc308.00375.76
ITS-30-3500-390-1904080 x 390 x 190pc358.00436.76
ITS-30-4000-390-1904580 x 390 x 190pc398.00485.56
ITS-60-2500-390-1903080 x 390 x 190pc290.00353.80
ITS-60-3000-390-1903580 x 390 x 190pc347.00423.34
ITS-60-3500-390-1904080 x 390 x 190pc478.00583.16
ITS-60-4000-390-1904580 x 390 x 190pc561.00684.42


ITS-30-1000-190-2401580 x 190 x 240pc82.00100.04
ITS-30-1500-190-2402080 x 190 x 240pc99.00120.78
ITS-30-2000-190-2402580 x 190 x 240pc151.00184.22
ITS-30-2500-190-2403080 x 190 x 240pc207.00252.54
ITS-60-1000-190-2401580 x 190 x 240pc98.00119.56
ITS-60-1500-190-2402080 x 190 x 240pc137.00167.14
ITS-60-2000-190-2402580 x 190 x 240pc240.00292.80
ITS-30-3000-390-2403580 x 390 x 240pc324.00395.28
ITS-30-3500-390-2404080 x 390 x 240pc368.00448.96
ITS-30-4000-390-2404580 x 390 x 240pc414.00505.08
ITS-60-2500-390-2403080 x 390 x 240pc304.00370.88
ITS-60-3000-390-2403580 x 390 x 240pc363.00442.86
ITS-60-3500-390-2404080 x 390 x 240pc502.00612.44
ITS-60-4000-390-2404580 x 390 x 240pc592.00722.24