1. The guarantee shall apply only to the products of AS IKODOR: concrete paving stones, pavement slabs, parapet stones, wayside stones, ewer and millrace. The guarantee shall not apply to installation works or the products damaged due to installation mistakes.
  2. The guarantee period shall be five (5) calendar years and it applies to both legal and private persons. The commencement of the guarantee period shall be from the date of the manufacturer’s delivery note, distributor’s sales document or the preparation of the act of completed works by a legal construction contractor.
  3. The right to guarantee cannot be disputed if upon loading, transport, storage, keeping, installation and exploitation of the products all the reasonable and intelligible practices, existing rules, regulations established for the construction of roads and streets, including SKTY 14-97 p.4 standards and regulations, project requirements of the particular site and the manufactorer’s installation manual have been followed.
  4. The guarantee right shall not apply to the products that are:
    a) previously discounted due to quality defects accepted by the buyer and such reference is included in purchase and sale agreement or the act of completion of works;
    b) damaged due to exceptional natural effects;
    c) damaged or broken in the course of pavement maintenance;
    d) damaged by vehicles in normal use;
    e) damaged due to vandalism, car accident or their implications;
    f) with temporal colour changes or effects of efflorescence.
  5. For a guarantee claim, the holder or user of the product shall present a written complaint with a reference to the construction site, product, nature and extent of defect.
  6. The complaint shall be reviewed together with the producer’s invoice, delivery note, distributor’s sales document or the act of completed works by a legal construction contractor.
  7. If the complaint qualifies for a guarantee case, the holder or user of the product shall be informed of such decision and he/she has the right to receive whole products instead of those degrading or broken due to the manufacturer’s production mistake no later than within one calendar month starting from the qualification of the complaint for a guarantee case. The coverage of or compensation for the costs related to the transport and replacement of the products and other possible costs directly related to the particular guarantee case shall be agreed upon separately..